St. Albert the Great School

St. Albert the Great School


Our mission to proclaim the goodness of God and to assist in the total development of the children we teach. Because we believe all children can learn, our mission is to educate each child through a partnership of Home, School, and Community. Our hope is for each one or our students to become a productive citizen of society who will make good life choices in a world of change.

Inspired by the message and teaching of Jesus, we are committed to providing an educational environment which will strengthen the spiritual and social values of the students, and enhance their personal and academic development. We believe that every child has the need to form spiritually, to love and be loved, to achieve according to his /her abilities, talent, and desires; to become an integral part of the society in which he/she lives; to grow up with the self image that is based on self respect, self confidence, and self discipline guided by a Christian way of life.

The philosophy of St. Albert the Great Elementary School is directed toward the growth and maturation of the child through Christian Formation, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the cultivation of a positive attitude toward self and others.


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