St. Aloysius Gonzaga School

St. Aloysius Gonzaga School


September 13, 1921, the Sisters of Mercy, whose charism embraces the value of contemplation and action, opened St. Aloysius Gonzaga School in a one-story frame building with four large classrooms, which accommodated eight grades. This school, located on the corner of Crockett Boulevard and Nadeau Street in Los Angeles served the parish for 30 years and had an enrollment of 160 students.

During the World War II years, the parish grew with the influx of population into Southern California. Due to the lack of room in the four-room building, many children were turned away. Finally, on May 14, 1950 there was a ground breaking for the New St. Aloysius Gonzaga School, which opened on September 17, 1951. The new school included classrooms and a teacher’s lounge. The enrollment during the 1950’s rose until it topped four hundred students.

In the beginning, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish served those with predominantly Irish, German, and Italian backgrounds. The school currently has a 99% Latino student population.

In 1996 St. Aloysius School began accepting kindergarten students; during that year the class had a total of 24 students. The first Kindergarten class graduated the 8th grade in 2005; 19 of the 24 students who began in 1996 were still in attendance. In September of 2011, St. Aloysius School opened its first Preschool, which is currently fully enrolled with a total of 18 students.


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