St. John Fisher School

St. John Fisher School


St. John Fisher School (SJF) promotes academic excellence in a faith-filled environment. Using California and Archdiocesan standards and the Schoolwide Learning Expectations derived from the School’s philosophy, SJF presents a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for its students. Teachers make use of various instructional strategies and materials to ensure that students not only have a varied learning experience, but are able to thoroughly process and build on their learning. The School is proud of its students’ performance on standardized tests, in high school, and in various state-wide and national competitions. The resource program supports students with special needs, so that all students can learn, achieve, and feel successful.

On May 19, 1961, Cardinal James McIntyre established a new parish named St. Peter Alcantara. Msgr. Thomas J. McCarthy became the founding Pastor. Early in 1962, the newly established parish was renamed after St. John Fisher. In September 1962, school programs began in temporary facilities. The permanent school was dedicated in January 1963, administered by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph. In 1970, due to a shortage of personnel, the Daughters of Jesus and Mary withdrew from the School. The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary accepted administration of the School until 2000. Since then, a lay principal, with the Pastor’s support, has administered the School.


Mrs. Anna-Marie Hudani


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