St. Linus School

St. Linus School


In September 1963, St. Linus School, under the guidance of the Sisters of the Holy Faith, opened its doors to its first 287 students. Six classrooms were in operation the first year. Thereafter, additional classrooms were added annually until sixteen classrooms were in operation. Due to a downward enrollment trend, in 1987 St. Linus School began decreasing the number of classrooms and by 1990 became a nine classroom school (K-8). As rooms became available, a Pre-Kindergarten class was added along with a library, computer and science lab. Daycare was opened in 1982 to accommodate working parents.

The charisma of the Sisters of the Holy Faith i.e. the preservation of the faith, finds expression in living the virtues of humility, faith and charity as embodied in their Constitutions and the Social Teachings of the Church. Now as in the past, the same invitation holds for all involved in the faith formation of children and adults. Holy Faith presence is still maintained at Saint Linus through the school administrator.

The average enrollment for the past five years has been approximately 268 students or 29.6 students per grade. Most parents identify Catholic Faith Formation as a top priority affecting the religious education of their children. Specifically, they cited celebrating the Sacraments, attending Mass, incorporating daily prayer and service to others. Secondly, they are pleased with the leadership of administration and the dedication of the teachers. There is a family- oriented atmosphere where they feel their children are safe and secure.


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